North Somerset Nappies provide nappy loan kits for any families with North Somerset.

We have several kits to loan out to families in North Somerset.

At the moment, this is 4 x newborn kits (up to 10lbs), 6 x small kits (up to 14lbs), 4 x medium kits (14-20lbs), and 1 large kit (20lbs +)

We don’t publish the contents of the kits as they change frequently and vary slightly in each kit, but they do contain enough of each kind of nappy, fabric, type, fastening etc, as well as all the accessories you need to try the nappies full time for the time of the loan.

They also don’t always contain the most up to date versions of all the nappies as we simply can’t keep up to date or afford to update the kits that often! If you would like to try a particular nappy then you may need to buy one to try yourself (and there’s always second hand!) The point of our kits is so you can see if using washable nappies works for you, and so you can narrow your choices down and spend your money wisely.

We also have some long term loan kits available for any family who may be struggling to meet the cost of full time washable nappies up front.