Here is a list of the nappies that we try to put in every kit. Although we cannot guarantee this full list in every loan kit, please do contact us if there’s a particular nappy you’d like to try. Our nappy kits aren’t the most new brands and updated versions of each nappy. But we know that trying a loan kit is the best way to become more informed and able to make your own decisions about what nappies are best for you and your family.

Birth to Potty nappies: Close Parent Pop-In, Charlie Banana One Size, Little Lamb OSFA, Itti Bitti Tutto, Bambino Mio Solo, Bumgenius, Bumgenius Freetime, Tots Bots Easyfit, Monkey Snuggles, Nature Babies Big Softie, Baba+Boo, Motherease One Size, Daisybirds.

Sized nappies: Little Lamb microfibre, Little Lamb bamboo, Terry square, Bambino Mio Soft (prefold and wrap), Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch, Charlie Banana small, Itii Bitti D’lish, gNappies, Little Lamb pocket, Bambooty Easy Dry.

Wraps: Nature Babies, Tots Bots, Nature Babies Essential (BTP) wrap, Motherease Rikki wrap, Little lamb wrap.

Accessories: Disposable liners, fleece liners, boosters, wet bags large and small, nappy nippas, Cheeky Wipes.