Loan kits are £20 a calendar month. Payment will need to be made before or at your demo. We’ll be in touch with payment options when you book your kit.

You can also pay an extra £5 a week if you want to keep the kit for longer. This option is only available if the kit isn’t booked out for another family, and the request will need to be made at least 5 days before the kit is due back. Just email or text Emma to ask.

Private consultations are £20 to cover costs. If you book a private demo then your loan kit is only £10 for the first month. Additional extra fees still apply.

We try to remove any barriers to local families trying washable nappies. If it’s financially difficult for you to find the loan kit fee, please contact us to discuss options. We also have a limited amount of long term loan kits for families struggling to meet the costs of buying their own washable nappies.