North Somerset Nappies provide loan kits to families in North Somerset.

We are in the process of setting up weekly talks around the county where you can come and have a demo with other families also interested in washable nappies. See here for our events:

Our kits will cost £20 per loan (usually a calendar month) from the beginning of September 2019. This is around £5 a week, much less than the cost of one washable nappy!

We don’t want there to be any financial barriers to any family in North Somerset trying washable nappies. So please contact us if you cannot make the cost at this time.

We can also visit you in your home where we run through all the basics of using washable nappies, the different types and fabrics, and answer any questions you may have. An individual visit will be £20 for an hour, wherever you are in North Somerset. If you would like a demo and a loan kit, the loan kit will be half price with an individual visit.

Once you have finished with the kit we ask you to return to it Emma’s house in Banwell.